What We Offer

Custom Homeland Security market research assignments tailored to clients who are seeking to diversify, expand and accelerate their business in new products, new markets, and new technology areas.

New Market Opportunity Assessment, Acquisition Market and Candidate Research, New Product Need Evaluation, Sales Opportunity Roadmap, Key Competitor Intel, Global Market Growth (Specific Countries).

Federal, state, local governments, first responders; DHS, TSA, Customs and Border Patrol, FEMA, U.S. Coast Guard; Corporate and Industrial; Local law enforcement, emergency management, fire protection; municipal and regional port, border, airport, transit, rail, and highway security.
homeland security market research
Key Questions

Is there an opportunity for us in this segment? Major problems, key drivers? Addressable market size and growth? Viable entry point (s)? Best channel strategies? Key customers and opportunities to target? Market prices? Average profit margins?
Incremental Value

Expert, specialized knowledge and market contacts. Ability to execute projects tailored specifically to client interests. Proven skills in delivering incremental information and analysis to what clients can assemble on their own
Depth and Credentials

Established 1989. Staff of 12 research analysts. Top clients Alcoa, BAE Systems, Boeing, Esterline, ITT, L-3, Lockheed, Rockwell Collins, Teledyne, Textron, Timken, United Technologies, Zodiac Aerospace others.

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